Scam guy and doing a dispute

Hi i was doing a multiple delivery and this guy take his item and the item of another guy and doing a dispute for no reason :slight_smile: here the screenshots

first photo the guy picking the his items 2nd photo picking the order of the other guy profile


he cleared already because i post all the proud of his scam and put me a bad rate if the admin can do something with this guy also if can removed the bad rate from him order ID c85b701b-fcf9-43fa-9625-3ec15e108794 @DarkKnight sorry for the inconvenient and thanks

@DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight @mojortom it must be removed

@DarkKnight i sent an email to the link of gameflip support for check some rates and this bad rate and donโ€™t get any reply thatโ€™s 4 days ago so you can help me? i have like 4 yellow rate recently from buyers who wait just 20-60 minutes and they just put a yellow rate for that and i think i dont deserve it

Hello @xJhopz,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Could you please provide me the ticket number?

God Speed! :trident:

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i already done with that but you can check this order


i was OFFLINE when this guy buy from me then i go to prepare the order and fortnite release a patch for 2.1gb after that i delivery and put me a bad rate!