Scammed yet again by another buyer.

Not going to lie, I’ve attempted to email you for ages before hand and YET again I’ve been scammed, total lost now is like $120. This is beyond a joke and you don’t take things seriously, I add proof and you side with the buyer who claims the code was redeemed when I check with the store, they confirm it was redeemed at time of sale. This is just so unfair and you are a genuine joke when it comes to disputes, no live chat options, no email response, no phone number, what is wrong with you??

I can give you a list of all the times I’ve been scammed, I’ve been on the site for 2/3 months and sold near $4k in items, ONLY 3 people have complained.

ORDER ID: 0a5808b2-dcc6-4713-90b2-c269c0de412d
Invite code: KKR9BS

I have other orders to mention, this was only $10 but previously I’ve been scammed and you have favoured the seller without looking at any evidence provided by me. Very poor service and communications, invest some many into more staff is my opinion and a lot of other people have said similar things.


I just answered your ticket regarding this disputes.

I you have any other disputes or issues, please contact me via PM. Thank you.