Scammer alert and Steam support help

I’m opening this for those who like to put scammers on block, so here is the latest situation with this guy:

I’m also opening this for Gameflip stuff to see in case he opens a dispute now, or gives me negative rating.

You can see complete correspondence here (key is used now, so no harm in showing it):

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Here is Steam response (yeah, you can get this from Steam support now in most cases):




I’m having same issue with Microsoft Codes… So many scammers …

Unfortunately microsoft support does not want to help and give information. Only if you have invoice

They do :slight_smile:


I don’t have invoice just code I bought for re selling.

PM me if u need help with Microsoft.

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ok, thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder what Gameflip does when someone tries to scam like this. I provided full evidence of him trying to scam and warn the others, but mostly I expected Gameflip to do something with users like him.

As a result, he is now spamming with bunch of lottery listings for Steam where for two bucks you have 50% chance to score GTA V and 50% chance to score previously free game. Of course, you can only win the second one.

Lottery listings are forbidden.

There is one more misleading thing in those listing - Steam keys for GTA V don’t exist, only Rockstar key, so even if it’s allowed to post, listings are 50% lie.

Please, ban users that try to scam once, they will always try again. Keep this place clean.


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Yes, I also noticed this man. He still continues to sell strange goods like lottery of 50% chance. Please take actions.

lottery listings or “random steam key” listings are not allowed, report them every time you see it, they will get removed, hopefully after enough reports they get banned.

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This user was permanently banned from our marketplace.

Feel free to send me a pm (or to any other moderator) whenever you find any more cases like this.

Hi, Tom,

Thanks, I will.

BTW, how do I know you’re moderator? Where is your badge, your profile doesn’t have that kind of info. What if you’re lying and want to trick me into something? Want to stole my money, huh?

Just kidding, I know you are moderator, but it would be nice if that info is visible somehow on your profile. Or I’m blind.


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Yeah, that’s why I am one to know that @MajorTom is moderator but new users cannot tell the difference. I said “profile”, didn’t I? :slight_smile:

EDIT: I mean, not everyone check forum posts for mods, they can at least put MOD in their nickname for now, so it’s obvious when they’re here so we can behave well :wink:


So far I don’t have the badge :slightly_frowning_face:

Maybe I should keep using our temporary badge, to avoid confusion.

:trident: New forum moderators!

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I had the same problem :frowning: I am waiting for a response by Steam technical support. It take hours