Scammer named Dawid Tatara

I fell for this like an idiot and I can’t get a hold of anyone from Gameflip to get a refund.

I also haven’t received anything from him after purchase

I can’t figure out how to reverse this.

Can we start banning them please. Tons of people get rip off today over RDR 2 again

thats so bad, i hope they do something about it… and also dont rate the seller if you don’t receive any items… i think they should extend from 3 days to 5 days for rate… and remove instant money received make it to 1 day minimum to receive money… so many peoples felt to this one, its so easy to avoid them… check their rep and the items their sell, if its all expensive games for cheap price you must stay away

This seller was banned.
If you didn’t rate him and finished the transaction, you should have your purchase refunded.

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Thanks yeah I got an email saying I’ll be refunded. Hopefully everyone else got the same refund and we should work together to catch these scam weiners.