There is a new RDR2 Scammer!!!

There is a new scammer named " Alexis Norman" who is selling RDR 2 and BO4 low price and he asks people to rate him first and send the code via Email “method”, Im just warning you dont rate him until you received the code.
I was trying to warn people in the comments but He blocked me!
profile link of this scammer guy: “

and I have a suggestion for you Gameflip guys, I think it`s better if you put the money on sellers Gamefip Wallet after 12 hours or something. (rating doesn’t matter kind of)

also 90% of his ratings are from the same account

I’v personally messaged Dunn and Tali for this situation and we are going to take those scammers down once for all

there is another scammer guy (same person):

Thank you guys, I’ve banned both sellers!
Please keep reporting if you find something like this so we can act fast.
And please remember to never rate before getting your item/code.
You’re all amazing <3


I got scammed by Alexis Norman last night and i message support about it. It give me copped respond about no refund and the seller WAS still selling. I tried to explain the scam he did and i got the very same respond again. God know how many got scammed in the mean time.

Mate, currently the money is only put on the seller’s wallet after 72h of the buyer’s acceptance, so putting it after 12 hours would be making it way faster for the seller to get the money. ^^

Yeah you are right, but if you reach 50 (I think) or more feedback, they will put the money on your account right after buyers acceptance.
when I reached 20 they reduce the time to 48 hours and after 30th feedback lowered to 24 hours,
right now I have 44 feedback and it will take 24 hours to receive completed transaction money.

Ohhhh. I did not know that! Good to know, because currently having to wait 72h is terrible…
So thanks for the info! Have a great weekend, mate!

Since he got 100+ rating he would get money right away?

well i have 130+ rep, sometimes money goes to my wallet instantly after buyer rate, but sometimes not… i think its more like you sold a lot of stuffs in a day or a week to be eligible for instant paid… but i’m not sure how its work though

The scammer is back and now he even diverse to Forza horizon 4 and Fallout 76. People are getting scam by the minutes and gameflip support does nothing. They maintain no refund so what ever happen to the credit that was stolen by the scammer. I mean the person got banned and now he is back.

Who is back? Can you send me the link of the profile?
Please do not make assumptions, we are not maintaining no refund, we clearly explain on every step of the way to NOT rate before receiving your purchased items.

Look like the scammer is ban for now but dawid-tatara and amzy-Code Seller were scammer. Those those of us who got caught into the scammer the past few days, it really meant the same thing.

Oh I’m sorry, I misunderstood, I thought one of the scammers were unbanned or something, you almost gave me a heart attack hahaha
But guys, we are acting as fast as possible to catch these scammers, just make sure to report if you see anything, and never rate before getting your product.

Yo Tali, can you check pm xD

I am, I’m taking care of the links you sent

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New Scammer:

I am not really spreading misinformation. And the point being, as you said, after rating there are zero refund. What ever happen to the money that the scammer took and then banned? There HAD been many many scammer the past few days and it is going to keep growing as atm it is a community base method and people cannot monitor the site 24/7. Heck I didn’t even know there is a forum here till i get scammed. If there is no way for paypal to reverse the payment, fine, it is something beyond your control. Bit those of us who got scammed deserve the right to know what happen to the credit stolen or at least explain the process to us so that we can understand WHY there cannot be refund after the rating is done even if the seller is a serial scammer. Or maybe change the paypal withdraw process so not even people with 100+ rating can withdraw credit right away. And another poster mention, the scammer do nto lose any money at all even if ban since they can just the gameflip club trial so it is fee free.

As this point, people will just stop selling as people can easily scam the system and withdraw the paypal. Why bother selling legit goods if selling fake is nearly as easy and they can withdraw paypal right away.

If that scammer took the money, mean spent it on something, you can’t get refund because Gameflip will start loosing they profit. If account is banned with Wallet/Credits on it, transaction will be reversed with no problem. But I am sure they will fix this temporary mess and make this community to shine again :blush: