There is a new RDR2 Scammer!!!


That is why i believe gameflip should not allow instead paypal transfer. If paypal are already transfer out and it is out of gamefilp hand and paypal refuse to reverse money, then gameflip cannot do anything. But if gameflip hold the transfer out for 24 hours, most of the scam would not happen. Most people do not really go to forum unless they need help of scammed. I was one of the people who got scammed on second wave of attack. It wasn’t till day 3 or 4 there are people who actually made listing warm people about the scammer.


The most simple thing is to not rate before getting what you purchased, and disputing the transaction, then we can catch the scammers faster and refund.


This bring us back to the problem people who got scam CANNOT warm other as seller automatically block people he scam. AS I said, i was scammed on the second wave. The system of no refund after scammed is the very thing scammer banked on. If they know they cannot get money if they are reported scammer they will just disappear for the most part.


The most effective way to get rid of them is getting them banned. We are the only us that get ban, so people need to report.
Warning others might be ok, but people can just ignore it like they ignore all the warnings saying only complete transaction after getting your product.