Steam Pumpkin trying to scam me!

So i listed a few forza 3 codes for sale a few days ago
and the following buyer bought nearly all of the codes i had!
these codes were all genuine legit paper codes, that i collected myself from console bundles, (this is were i always get it)
he bought 29 codes, and i put on my listings to ‘release within 15mins of buying’

He didnt follow those guidelines, today ive logged in and all 29 codes have been dispute.

Baring in mind that this buyer has only just joined this month, has 0 feedback too.
this is an obvious scammer!
Can i get some assistance please

my invite code is FPQQG1

i have also contacted support for assistance, but hoping one of the mods here can speed up the process for me if possible!

adding, all my other codes that i have left- that are currently onsale are still live!
and these codes he bought were all physical codes! im 100% certain hes a scammer!

to all the other sellers out here earning a living, id advise you to block him-


mention maybe that it’s obviously an impersonator

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good shout!
thanks bud