Scammer buyer loses dispute and leaves a bad rating in anger


A buyer bought an ingame-item from me… after receiving his item he tried to scam me by lying and saying I didn’t deliver… he kept my order on hold for 3 days in hopes ill get tired and cancel and then raised a dispute… i had complete evidence of delivery… including videos and screenshots… so he failed the dispute and got destroyed… to lash out his anger kid decided to leave a bullshit poor rating on my profile which I would like to be removed… as it is totally unfair…

TLDR: Buyer tries scamming after delivery… fails… leaves poor rating in anger… which I would like to be removed.

delivery video:
delivery screenshots:
order id: 996cceca-b333-4c70-b628-ab6b1520fe2b
inv code: Q4MFVG

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