Scamming seller refuses to give me my item after payment

Seller is refusing to give me my Rocket League item. Claiming he wants to raise the price (claiming it’s gone up in value by double since last night?), despite the item being worth the same across the board on Gameflip. I’m reporting him to Gameflip, but any suggestions at this point? This is ridiculous. It’s my second purchase here, and I’m already facing issues.

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He cancelled the transaction after I told him I’d be reporting him. Wow. Do not buy from Gandalf’s Shop. I made a ticket and will proceed further.

Wow I’ve seen Gandalf’s posts everywhere and thought he was a pretty nice buyer, he shouldn’t have done that. Do you mind me asking which item it was?

Thank you so much from informing about the bad treatment of Gandalf’s. I will never buy anything form this store after reading this review about them.