second time my account wrongly suspended

Account Banned (Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity, such as not providing code in an auto delivery listing.) until 2019-10-13T00:00:00.000Z
i never listing auto delivery gift cards what is this
this is second time who is playing with me ?
why moderators doing this without investigation?
this is my account first suspention modernators after check details they saw account suspended wrongly
now same problem

@MajorTom please check this before only helped me
Note: i never listed autodelivery last months

There’s must be a bug or something


@adam_saber this is 2nd time
before @MajorTom after check it opened my account 1 week i waited support team said you did it
i think some one unprofessional sitting there its not fair

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Don’t worry, they will unban you i’m sure, thats a bug or something.

thank you for your support Adam!

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Always will be there! :hearts:

Yeah, I’ve never seen @superdealgc list auto delivery items. I do think its pretty unfair moderators aren’t actually investigating anything though… .If you guys need assistance in that department, I’m free to help. lol

@MadMan thank you for your support!

I received email from support like this:
After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for the following reason(s):

  • Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity, such as not providing code in an auto delivery listing.

Someone can show me my this auto delivery listing in last 4 months i never listed auto delivery first time also they sent 4-5 times like this email you listed auto delivery without valid code why support team doesn’t check it whithout investigation sent email
@MajorTom and @DarkKnight waiting yours investigation
Show me evidence or open my account
Also i will write email to gameflip CEO

Still my account suspended, no reply, on action,
reason is funny “listed auto delivery without code”,
who can show me my this auto delivery listing ?
i never listed auto delivery in last 4 months
please waiting evidence here also my all buyers know i never listed auto delivvery code in last months.

Hello superdealgc,

After further checking into your account and listings, I went ahead and lifted the suspension.

I will further investigate what happened to result in the suspension of your Gameflip account.

superdealsgc is good seller

@MajorTom you are amazing moderator thank you very much !
please also remove my last auto negative feedback,
i hope my account will be safe i not will get ban again wrongly
thank you very much

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Glad this got fixed for you @superdealgc You’re a greater seller.

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Please help I have similar problem my account was banned for something I didn’t know about it seems there is a glitch somewhere on gameflip I am completely innocent it says other suspicious activity/ fraudulent activity I have never in my enter stay and will never defraud Anyone I sort out all of my issues I wrote to support and it seems whoever checked my messages didn’t read till the end because I was waiting for an evidence to show I ever defrauded anyone I am completely innocent I am loosing trades which this bann and writing the support, i got a response that said ‘
Hello Ilyasu,

After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for the following reason(s):

  • Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity

The suspension is permanent. You may contact us again in 30 days to have your account temporarily reactivated to withdraw your remaining funds, if there are no further issues with your recent sales.’ This is quite an unfair reply and decision without proper investigation

Also, please note that I have not done any of the following of this all of my codes were corrected for any that had any problem I am ready to provide more information if needed. My account bann is unfair and unjust I have been honest to the core my feedback can be checked as I give high priority to my buyers and I need not to be banned kindly unbann me whichever buyer is getting refunded is definately scammming me and being supported to scam me because before completion of trades they always confirm that they used card replacement successfully I do not deserve this treatment kindly unbann me my profile code is kindly unbann me and let me withdraw my proceeds 44P837

Hello @Khalifaempire,

I have answered you regarding this matter in the following topic:

Godspeed! :trident:

The support is not replying with anything positive they are just making unfair decisions without evidences I want you to see my innocence yourself if there’s anything wrong with your algorithm because I’m falsely accused

Hello @Khalifaempire,

As informed in the first message you received in the investigation ticket, you had suspicious gift card listings and an extensive history of gift card sales disputes.

Then upon verifying the proof you sent, the team decided to suspend your account.

So unfortunately, there is nothing I can do in this case and as informed before, if you have questions, feel free to contact the Support Team through ticket.

Godspeed! :trident: