Seller Blocked Me for No Good Reason, How to contact him?

A seller Blocked me for no reason, I need to contact him to get unblocked and buy his listings, is there a way to do that?

Try to comment on his listing it might work.

Blocked Commenting as well. Sellers shouldn’t be allowed to cancel purchases and then blocking members.

ah, so there’s no way to contact him :confused:

It is Panda Company … Any one knows his name at the forum?

There’s a lot of sellers i’m sure you will find.

there isn’t really anything you can do, it the sellers choice if he/she doesn’t want to do business with you

Exactly, also there’s a lot of seller so it’s fine!

Only a few seller sell Amazon 500$ for good price. Can an admin help me get in touch with Seller Panda Company?

@Someone191 that is most likely not going to happen. Just like @Oscar_Ha was saying its the sellers choice who they want to do business with. GameFlip can’t tell them what to do in that aspect. That goes for any kind of business. Panda isn’t breaking any rules.