Seller Not responding, Wantint refund.

So it’s been over a day and the seller hasn’t responded i bought a minecraft account through coordinated transfer and i want a refund. Please help!

I’m Pretty sure you can open a dispute

I bought hellfire off someone and never responded it’s bee like a week need refund as well

It’s been like a week

I highly suggest you read the Gameflip rules before making any further purchases. Accounts are not allowed to be sold on here because more often than not, sellers take it back after you rate them. It doesn’t matter if they tell you that you can change the password, email or whatever. A general rule of thumb is to not buy accounts. It is not safe and you will likely lose your money. Gameflip doesn’t protect against, quite frankly, gullible stupidity.

With that being said, please make sure you put the purchase under review and contact support and let them know your problem. Providing your invite code, which can be found on your account profile page will help expedite the process.

@Levi_Farris if it has been a week like you claim, go to the order and scroll down. You should be able to manually cancel it yourself since the seller fail to deliver within a reasonable time frame.