Seller use fraudulent codes

I got a code from an experienced seller on GF. The code is valid and can be claimed. However, the balance of the code is pending moments later. After a little search on the internet, I found out that those codes were requested chargeback and can’t be used. The only thing can be done is using the code to buy something immediately, which is impossible to all buyers.

I’ve had no idea that something like this would happen and I already confirmed the transaction with the seller. I hope admin can help me reverse the transaction because I have been scammed nearly $300 on the site! I’m sure cases like this will happen more if Gameflip finalize transactions after confirming. If the seller request a chargeback after code is confirmed, there’s no way buyers can do to protect themselves even with Gameflip money back guarantee!

This is the seller that I bought the codes from:

There’re 2 transactions I’ve made with this seller and they were charged back. The total amount is $225!

My code: C59S5X


This indeed very odd.

I answered your ticket. Provide every information requested so I can investigate this further.

Once you do. Please, PM me so I can continue the investigation.

Thank you.