Seller want me to trade by paypal

Hello, today i saw a guy on gameflip selling Fortnite Counterattack Set and Monster Hunter World, so i want to buy a bulking, then i added his facebook and ask him about price but he told me that he wanted to trade on paypal, is this acceptable? and if i got scammed, gameflip will still protect me? Below are his gameflip account and facebook. Thanks

tbh i wouldn’t try dealing through paypal unless its through gameflip, maybe u can ask him to allocate a time where he reduces the price of the listing so u can buy it at that price.

i think he try to trade without Gameflip ,It violated the terms !

If you go through any other site you lose your Gameflip guarantee so I wouldn’t.

@DunnBiscuit can you help me?

Please do not complete transactions outside of Gameflip, since we won’t be able to give you the buyer’s guarantee then.
You can ask the seller to make a listing for you on Gameflip and then buy in bulk.

I have also warned this seller, since this is forbidden.
You can read more about our guarantee here

You want to buy an iphone.
before entering the apple store, there’s a man around the corner saying … Psss i have a better deal come here and you buy the phone.
later you find out the phone isn’t what it is as advertised and you got a non functioning model of it.
You go back to the apple sotre and ask for a refund / exchange.

what do you think the scenario is going to play out?