Sellers Cancel transactions...

Please i got 3 canceled transactions and the problem is i can’t get my refunds till 10 days back to my card now i can’t buy again because i don’t got money and just because sellers decide to cancel transaction because i can’t accept their terms thats simply against gameflip policies
Recent seller ask me to accept his terms that if my amazon account get closed he’s not responsibile what if the card isn’t a legit gift card

Please this sellers behavior should stopped by moderator and please if someone can help me get my refunds asap i would like to buy again soon


I would highly suggest u to contact Support about it. We normal buyers/sellers cannot help you with refunds etc so best to contact Support.
You can also leave your Invite code here and transaction ID’s so Mods can help you with it if their free. But support is usually faster and they always do advise u to contact Support first so do that first.

Seller is Responsible if your account gets closed if it is due to his gift card. If it ever happens, you must ask amazon about details etc and confirm it with Gameflip Support. You will get the refund back but amazon account probably will still be closed. Therefore, use a new amazon account if your going to use giftcards from third parties.

You also must record from the start from getting code from seller (Best is auto delivery)(Start recording from the time you click purchase to the end u have used it) This is to prevent Scams.

Please also do not create multiple posts of the same content. Thank You.


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Will contact support and open a ticket regarding my refunds thanks a lot for input

This is my invite code XML341 so the moderators can check those sellers behavior against buyers and make them stop acting like the one how put the rules

I’m affraid that they’re SCAMMER forcing the buyers to accept their terms by message them after ordering so they can provide that as a proof
So they will whatever they want and close buyer’s amazon accounts

Don’t worry, you can also make a suggestion on another request to Support about this. There will always be new scammers who join so everyone has to becareful. As I wrote in previous post, it will still be seller’s fault if the giftcard is deemed as example (stolen) if it ever happens.

Under Point 4 - (Just a little about the terms when sellers sell) if your interested to read about it.

My advise is to to use a new amazon account to use your giftcards, read description first before buying (I am sure there are a lot of other sellers that sell amazon giftcards), check their ratings (including netural, bad if any) and buy from auto delivery only. From what I have seen, most sellers do not have such descriptions in their description.


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Correct thanks a lot bro you’re being so helpful here
I really appreciate your time here :slight_smile:

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Just happened to me a few minutes ago. Like I’ve made two purchases before already. One went through flawlessly and another I’m still waiting on :frowning:. I’ve deposited $300 in my wallet and my card charged $100+. I was already prepared to follow the seller’s instructions. He sent me a message with instruction and to reply when ready. So I did, 10 minutes later, he just cancelled the transactions. His reasoning was that I was a risk since I’m relatively new.

I did file a ticket against the seller with regards to the situation. Hopefully, my next purchase wouldn’t be randomly cancelled.

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Like this **** seller i just bought from him and cancel transaction he got no idea that i have to wait 10 days for my refund
Gameflip should take serious action against those seller how cancel transaction because they just felt they have too

That has all the giveaways of a shady code reseller so you kind of lucked out. No legit seller needs you to be online to immediately redeem a code lol. That guy should be investigated and probably banned.

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Correct bro gameflip should limit seller from such behaviors canceling transaction without customers permission i hope this will be resolved soon and keep the platform safe from those SCAMMERS

Use Gameflip credits then. Load your money to your Gameflip wallet and use it. Refunds are issued immediately…