So I was browsing some of the new features in the recent update and I realized my listings aren't showing in my stores tab...

Well, I’m glad I took the time to try and check out some of the new features from the most recent update because when browsing my own store I discovered something. My store was all but empty.

While under my listing profile my listings still show as for sale, when viewing my store by clicking on the featured store icon almost all of my active listings are gone. Searching for them manually did not help either because while they still show for sale in my active listings tab they do not come up when searching for them with the search feature.

Can someone please help me with this? I know most listings were given a 30 day expiration but this would make absolutely no sense for a featured store. I tried to open a “For Sale” listing in my listings tab, while it still has the green for sale banner it is no longer an active listing. The only way I have to undo this in to manually go through them one at a time and unlist then relist each title one at a time, which would take hours…

I checked out a few other featured stores and they look the same. Some are almost completely empty.

@BurTheFly Is there anyway to fix this or will I have to unlist and relist every single unsold item one listing at a time?

Thank You in advance for any assistance regarding this issue, I’m sure it may have been an accidental over-site but seeing my store almost empty was a bit of a shocker. Having featured store listing expire after 30 days without an easy way to reactivate them could be a bit of a problem here. I fully understand a 30 day expiration on non featured sellers to remove stale listings. Featured stores can’t possibly be expected to fully empty their stock lists and resubmit them every 30 days I would hope.

I apologize about this and the inconvenience that it’s caused. We’re actually still looking into this and working on a way to get you and other Featured Stores back up and running. Like you mentioned, it is because of the 30 days, and unfortunately there isn’t two separate servers between Featured Stores and everyone else. So anything that happens, will happen across the marketplace. We are still working on updating the front-end so it doesn’t still show these on sale, as we found out was a bug.

In the meantime, I forget, did you upload your inventory through a CSV or manually? As well as will be seeing if we can edit the expiration date for Featured Stores so you won’t have to keep re-uploading every 30 days and/or re-listing.

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I used a CSV for a majority of the listings. There were a few I uploaded manually because I did not have the UPC handy at the time, and it was simply more convenient because I had to take multiple pictures for the listings. I only uploaded less than a dozen by hand. I manually corrected all the listings to the best on my ability so I should be okay for now.

In the mean time I was prepping a new CSV to batch upload. Should I wait until the issue is resolved or would it be okay to send it in by this weekend?