(SOLVED) Wondering about subsequent "under review" order holds (using visa vanilla prepaid)

22 hours ago, I purchased an in-game item using gameflip cash and a prepaid card that I had just bought. Unfortunately, the card’s funds do not activate until 24 hours after the card is purchased. Because I used an unactivated card to pay for my order, it was put under review. The card will become active in 2 hours, so I’m considering canceling the order and repurchasing once the card is active. What I’m wondering, is that it says if you cancel an order that is on hold, there may be “a longer wait time on the next order”, so I want to know if canceling the order once my card activates, and repurchasing the item will trigger this " under review" state or not; even if the card works at that time. Thanks

EDIT: I reordered the item, and got put “under review” again. I know for a fact that the card is active right now, so the payment should have gone through. This is really frustrating and it should not be this hard to purchase something on gameflip, I’ve heard of multiple people having trouble with the “order review” system and it is making me consider going back to eBay. Can I get a clear answer on when this “review” may be over, and what causes it to happen, so this doesn’t have to happen again? Thanks.

EDIT 2: My order is no longer under review. Thanks, gameflip!

I apologize for any inconvenience, but wanted to just let you know that when purchase goes Under Review, it might not be due to the payment method actually having the funds, but wanting to make sure you are the actual card holder of the payment method. These producers are in place to help protect you.