Some of my transcation have been canceled is there anyway to state the arrival will be longer then 3 days?

I have been selling some preorders that are getting canceled. I just sent one of them and before I could enter the tracking it got canceled on me.

Hi @Eric_Kim, no there’s no way to make it longer than 3 days. Gameflip’s current features are not built around pre-orders unfortunately.

Let me know if there’s anything else I could do to help you.

I know I am a small time seller but can you tell me if Gameflip or the person that purchased it canceled or not. Wondering if I should just block him or her.

If the item was never delivered, it was the buyer who did it.

If you marked the item as delivered, but the user didn’t receive the item and put a dispute on it, then it could have been Gameflip.