Someone commenting on my listings saying scam

Hi I never scam and I have good ratings. This guy is jealous that people are buying my things not his. So to spoilt the fun. He thinks it’s ok to comment on my listings saying I scam and I know the consequences so I would not do it. Here’s proof

. My invite code is EY35GT. The person who said I’m scamming is called Narayan Scott’s tuck shop. Please get him suspended as I’ve saw he’s doing this on lots of listings.

Edit: now messenging me on my social media’s threating me of scamming.

@Tali @DunnBiscuit

Just block him and he can’t comment on your listings. Also re-list the item where he commented, you can delete his comment by that.

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It is the exact same problem that Norman scam lasted so long the other day. He blocked all buyer so no one can be warn about iy