Warning to sellers about commenters offering to buy outside the site

Sellers should beware of spam commenters recently leaving emails or phone numbers wanting to complete transactions outside of the website. I’ve gotten about 30 of these in the past week alone. I googled one of the phone numbers and it was connected to a check cashing scam: where someone sends a fraudulent check for more than the item’s value and then sends someone to collect the item and the “leftover” from the check. The check turns out to a be a counterfeit, which means that the seller’s bank is going to hold you responsible for the full amount. It’s an old trick but still ensnares people in the 21st century. I know these kinds of scams are prevalent on Craigslist and classifieds, but it looks like they just discovered this site too. I mostly got these offers on my most-expensive items, over $100, where it would not seem unusual to deal in 3- and 4- digit dollar values.

Be vigilant, fellow sellers.

Personally I think this influx of spam is another reason to allow sellers to delete and/or block unwanted comments.

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Thanks for bringing this up and letting other users known what to look out for. To all users, make sure to use the report feature on your listing letting us know about these type of comments so we can not only delete these from your listings but to take further actions on these accounts.

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Thank you so much retro_dream for taking the time to write this. I have been meaning to write a post about this, but I have been too busy. So many of these scammers are popping up telling sellers they are “interested” and to email or text them. I also suspect that there are many of these scammers making accounts to make fake sales to obtain address information / ask the seller in private for their email/phone number.

As I have said many times before, please allow sellers to delete comments and block users. Having 30 of our listings spammed is not only annoying, but harmful to the community as well. God forbid we stand up to these scammers and expose them and they take revenge on us by spamming our listings hundreds of times for revenge. A simple block will put them in their place.

Hi @retro_dream
Glad you made this post!

So this is sadly not my 1st run in with these types of scammers.
I first ran into them on another app i use called Mercari, and even a few on a close by app (Wallapop before it became Letgo)

At 1st i was trying to see what they offered etc, but once i found they wanted all your information such as Full name, Address, and other information i backed away. Once i got 2 or 3 of these “unique” Buyers giving me their email/ cell to get paid by check i knew it was a scam, STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE and do NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION. Please everyone do not fall for this, Never accept payment from someone you dont know/ Without money first. If it sounds too good to be true ( such as they will give you $10-$50 for your time than its TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE)
If you are unsure if the buyer is genuine or not, then Make sure to make your sale/ purchase over Gameflip Where you are Safe and covered from their potential fraud. Don’t deal with them on your own.

If you get a random notification in the Gameflip app and it reads like this "
jen knight
Hello I’m interested in your is still available for sale email me only(myrtabjd@gmail.com) with firm price. Thanks
3 days ago

Alexander Kimberly
Hello please is this item still available if so get back to me here on Nickelmark93@gmail.com with the least selling price God bless you.
2 days ago

dinho cash
Hello is your ITEM still Intact Forsale ?? Kindly Text me back (941) 361-9259.thanks
6 days ago

If you get any of those kind of comments, they are Scammers! Immediatly report the comment using the report listing tool that gameflip provides. Let them know this account is a spammer and they will look into it.

Be safe everyone, keep your Items and money safe.