Maybe a way to stop scammers

I posted an item, and already two scammers have tried to scam me. Is it possible you could not allow people to post emails? Like they would be tagged or something.

That’s a pretty good idea. If they can code it so that links/emails can’t be posted in the comment section of a listing. Whenever someone tries, they will receive an error message and won’t be able to post it.

If only there were a live chat where a moderator could be alerted right away. Or a “community relations moderator” that attends to these matters. There is an outbreak of these “congratulations, your item sold…blah blah blah email… blah blah.” Often times these go unchecked for 6-12 hours+

For example:

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll take it into consideration as we’re working on solutions for that matter.

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No problem. @op_JOkEr Did you receive my private message about a pressing matter?

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Yes, he did and passed to the team. I’ll check it as soon as I run through my PMs.