Someone trying scam me. check for me please

Im selling counterattack on gameflip. My code 100% work. 2 people bought it and told it it has been redeemed. i sent my proof to gameflip. can you check it for me?
My invite code: P4YNF4
My order id:

if new profile they are 100% scammer

yes, that is newbie

if new acount opened for scamm people here

do u still sell counterattack codes? I need one please

yes, i have

Post it on Gameflip Iā€™ Trying to buy

no one can sell counterattack on gameflip now

Can you shatr this information with us?

Hello guy_n_Tr_ng_Hi_u,

I can see here that your issue has already been cleared.

Also, do not conduct sales outside of Gameflip and do not advertise other websites here!

Further violations could result in the suspension of your account.

:trident: New forum moderators!

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