Stolen Gift Card ..

Hiya, so I already submitted a ticket… but I’m just worried that no one will help me on this issue. I bought some walmart gift cards about a week or two ago. I had some issues before accepting but we were able to resolve it and they appeared to be valid so I accepted and left the codes on my account so I could use them as I needed them… I went to use the last 3 codes today to make a purchase and they were already used. In my ticket i provided as much proof as i possibly could including the gift card use history (used at a store in Texas, while I’m in New York - so I could not have used them…) I’m just nervous because I needed the money that I’m now out of… I will dm my invite code and ticket to anyone who is willing to help me… and provide as much information as I possibly can. Thanks

Here is my invite code…


Hi there!
Your ticket has been answered by support, please include the information requested on your reply to the ticket so we can check this out.

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