Support - Purchases under review (Again)

Hi Guys, on December 30th my purchase was put under review, I recieved the email asking for pictures etc. I did as asked, the purchases were put through.

Then it happened again, i asked support for help, after a while they pushed the purchases through and i thought that was the end of it.

Today i made another purchase and once again it has been put under review. Is this something that wil happen for all my future purchases even though we sorted it out the first time? Slightly annoyed as now i have to wait for Support to get back to me on my ticket and it always takes time.

Also worried that all future purchases will be put under review…

So no one is going to reply to this? No mods? No support? Nothing?

I just bought something again and guess what? Its under review!!! Why? Someone tell me why please!!

R.I.P MonkeyAnarkist 2017-2017

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@MonkeyAnarkist These reviews are caused by discrepancies with account or payment information. Send me a PM with your Invite Code and I can look into the details. Thanks!

EDIT: Also, sorry for the delay in response due to the holiday.

My account is suspended because I kept on trying to use a gift card many different ways to try and make it work. Can you unsuspend me or at least give my money back? It’s under review for the past 2 days and no one is answering my emails. @AponeGF

@Daniel_Seo Thanks for the info. Since we don’t discuss suspensions in a public forum I’ll make sure you get a response to your email shortly.

Just a heads up, replying to the email before you get a response from us sends your ticket to the back of our queue so adds to the response time.

Oh sorry man im new here as you can see

@Daniel_Seo No problem at all! I just wanted to make sure you knew that your response time isn’t normal. Most emails get an answer within 24-48 hours.

Also, your refund is taken care of now. Since it was cancelled while the charge was “Pending” you will most likely get a reversal. This is when the original charge is deleted from your statement rather than a separate entry showing funds returning. It may take a couple of days for this process to complete.

I keep gettting put under review and it wont let me do anything and i cant support to email back and it has been weeks please help. I love the site and want yo continue to use it but it wont let me purchase anything

Hey, have you already contacted our support team?

If so, can you send me the ticket number?