Suspended For NO REASON

Someone opened a dispute on my Xbox Card, saying it was a fake card. It turned out to be fake, I found out the ebay seller who sold me the card scammed me. I told the buyer, and we came to an agreement, that I would give him some stuff for the misunderstanding. Soon later, the dispute that he forgot to close for me suspended. I really didn’t mean to “scam”, I didn’t know the code was fake. I HAVE $32 IN MY ACCOUNT, INSPENT ALOT OF TIME ON THAT!!! I contacted support and emailed, but I heard that they don’t respond. What do I do? And will I be able to cash out my money when it’s done pending, even though I’m suspended?

Same occurs to me. Suspended with no reason and support dosent say nothing.

Same for me. This site must says the motive of suspended but they not do it, simply suspended and say nothing and if you have a cash to recive, you lost your cash.

Yeah, this site got me happy for nothing. I was even thinking on referring more people here. It’s sad how they treat us.

For everyone here.

If you have any ticket that you are waiting for an answer, please contact me via PM and send the ticket number so when I have time, I can check them for you.