The best of 2 bad choices...

I finally (after waiting weeks) received a Logitech keyboard set that was supposed to be new in box. Not only was the mouse missing (which I could have lived without) but a key fell off just trying to change the batteries. Many of the rest were obviously glued back on because they stick so bad I have to manually pull them back up to stop the keyboard from treating it as a continuous key press.

Return shipping in my case would be about 50% of the purchase price. On top of that, I would fail to get my promo credits back for the purchase so I would lose out on about 150% of the listing price for returning the faulty item.

If I accept the item, the seller gets 100% of my money in cash and I get a refund as Gameflip credit. Being stuck choosing between the 2 bad options, neither seem acceptable nor fair because either way I’m out money and the seller is rewarded for fraud. I’m pretty sure my cash balance with Gameflip was used instead of my credit card or I could simply initiate a chargeback.


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Wow, you really are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to this.

If you ask me, I’d say to first make sure you contact the game flip people over a ticket in the app just to make sure you cover your bases before you make a choice on what to do. You should probably do it now before you end up missing your refund date and you lose both options and are stuck with a new paperweight.

If they don’t contact in time (which can happen, the team ins’t that large) then I’d go with the lesser to two evils and accept the item and take the credits.

I opened a ticket already and the 72 hour auto rate shouldn’t kick in as far as i know because this is the second time the item was shipped. The app doesn’t allow for updated tracking and Gameflip already knows the item was returned once due to the first ticket I opened for this transaction. The first time it was returned for insufficient postage because it surpassed the default 9oz weight. 3 weeks of dealing with this and I realize why I love Prime.

On the subject of the 72 hour auto rating system, it failed to rate a sale of mine even after a week past the date of delivery. I had to submit a ticket with screenshots for that transaction to have my funds released manually by support. The silver lining to my experience with Gameflip is that I’ve sold a couple dozen items without incident. The auto rating must have just glitched on the one transaction and support fixed it within 48 hours so no harm there.

Support for the most part has been excellent, but this is a tough one and will be interesting to see how customer service decides to handle it. Once they get back to me I’ll update this thread.

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Well after what seemed like an excessively long wait this incident was eventually resolved a few days ago… Was the solution ideal? Not really, but I can at least say that after almost a months time the GameFlip staff did make things right.

Great to know this! :slight_smile: