The Dope Man's Goods

At first, he seemed a genuine guy just selling his items, which is believe he probably still is. I commented on his listing to see if he was available, no response. I bought it anyways as his name stated he was online. After 1 hour of after purchase, I had got no invites, no messages, nothing. I commented on another listing of his to see what was going on. This time he responded with ‘got you covered’. I imagined that he was going to deliver, but to my surprise, he cancelled the other abruptly, then he has now blocked me! Now his name states online. I don’t know why he has blocked me, I am a chill person and was only going to ask him what happened. If anyone knows his Gamertag, or him or if he his on here, could you comment below. I’d like to buy his items when he is online, but now I have no intention or even can buy items from him now.