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as a new member I have an issue and to avoid the mistake and since the customer service didn’t slove it yet, hope to find help,
Some sellers don’t explain more details about their items Gift Card …in description

Now i have an issue when i purchase e Gift card such as Amazon eGift card by big amount =200USD …
What it’s the expired date to be accepted in this website and in amazon?

When Amazon dont accept it , who can refund me back since the seller write “there is no refund”?

Hello, best to contact Support about it in the link below.

From your first sentence, you meant you already contacted Support? Most sellers do not explain details about their gift cards.

From my knowledge, when people buy giftcards, they buy from people who set delivery time as ‘Auto Delivery’. Buyers , 90% of the time use it ASAP. As Sellers normally do not like Buyers to resell their codes, there may be problems if you do not redeem it within a day usually.

For refund issues, you have to contact support in link above. But there must be proof why. If you waited a week then use the code, then it won’t be the seller’s fault as he/she delivered it on auto delivery and it was a working code 1 week ago. Only if the code is Invalid upon using (used within a hour after receiving code) , then you are most highly to get refunded/another code.


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in my 5th order in this website
ive purchased 40$ amazon egift from a seller irecive the code it after about 2 days, but guess what, when applied it in amazon it says" its been used" ive all proof that you need with the conversation with the seller& Amazon customer services, the seller said its not been used yet and amazon says this coupon didn’t apply in my account they advised me to purchase from them and contact the seller not them asked me for proof as well and the website I’ve purchased from … now who can protect me and refund me back ? you or amazon?

That is why you need to contact Gameflip Support. (In Link Below) Amazon Support cannot help because you purchased it from Gameflip from a seller. You have to contact Gameflip Support with the proof etc. Do make a request to Support under Link. <-- This is the Link to creating a ticket to Support
Also open dispute as well along with contacting Support.

Also I advise you to buy from sellers that list it as ‘Auto Delivery’ instead of 1-3 days time limit. Video the whole process from buying to using code. (Auto Delivery Only) That would protect you from any sort of scams if Seller actually try to scam. If code doesn’t work, it’s pretty easy to just get a refund (open dispute) or get a new code from seller because you got video proof.



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Okay, from where i open to dispute, and I can send all proofs! that the code didn’t work!

unfortunately, customer services didn’t hear from me and they closed the transaction fast, the seller provided them proofs "which I believe he is not a scammer " because its not the first time I order from him/her.


The transaction closes after 3 days on its own after the Seller clicks ‘I have given the item’ if buyer does not open dispute.

Have you sent a ticket to Support yet? Just attach the proof and also write the description of what happened. They will ask you for more information if needed. Do note that the Proof has to be strong enough to prove the code he sent was not working. Also note that support might take a few days to reply depending on the amount of tickets/requests they received.

As wrote in my previous post ^^, if you buy a giftcard/item from Gameflip next time, do take the measures so anyone who tries to scam you will not be able to.