There should be more suscription plans.

Why is the limit 5550$ (5000+500+50) a month ? I always complete my suscriptions and keep paying more comissions later.Why isn’t there more suscription plans for sellers that reach high amounts every month ? I would gladly pay more for another suscription membership. This is discouraging for real! There should be encouraging offers for succesful sellers!

Would you actually reset my ultra club membership charging me another 15$ ?


Yeah it is not rational at all

I think maybe another plan should be added - say $20 or $30 a month with an 8% digital fee for no sales cap.

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Hello @joaquin ,

Thank you for the feedback.

I will pass the idea along to the team and see what can be done.

Hope you have a great day and stay tuned to future updates :wink:

Also, regarding your plan current active plan, once it has started it will only reset after a month. We are unable to reset the plan manually as this is done automatically by the system.

God Speed! :trident:

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