They are trying to sell a account

@Tali @DunnBiscuit
People need to read the rules before they post. :pensive:

Thanks for report, make sure you Screenshot_127 them.

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I took care of it, thank you for your report!


This is true and I did but sometimes using that report will take time for them to remove it. In that time it could of been sold by them.
I’m just trying to show people it’s not okay to do that.
I didn’t want anyone to get scammed or something.

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More work for you :smile:


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Do you see title icon on forum?
Screenshot_117 ?

Are you talking about sending a DM to a mod? If not then no I don’t see it.

On every page, not just sending a DM. Looks like programmers didn’t set it or something. On the market
Screenshot_118 is set.

Thank you for the reports, I took care of these.
i’ll see what can be done about the icon, but is not really a priority now.

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Yeah I agree with that, it’s 1 line of code but whenever you decide to fix it, it’s fine. Currently cleaning the market of scammers and prohibited items is priority.

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It might be, but I don’t have access to it :frowning:

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This is the line of code that is missing xD
Replacing # with location of icon is necessary… Programmers know why I put # :smiley:

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