This dude KLAXOSAURIO is a scammer. Please help

He traded me a grey octane instead of a tw. After I msg him to ask him to please correct the situation he tried telling me he was doing that for a YouTube video which was a total lie. He begged me to keep letting him use more painted items and stuff but I didn’t want to. I asked him at least 15 times to give my items back and kept repeating to give him more of my items for his stupid video. Long story short I have it all in a 15 min video I recorded of the transaction. Please help moderates. Please…

The seller give you the wrong item and don’t want to give you the item you bought?

BTW don’t rate the seller.

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Yes he tricked me by giiving me a grey color octane instead of the tw… when I confronted him bout the trade he came up with a huge story about doing a video on YouTube of people who get scammed. He asked for the grey octane ack which I gave but he kept making excuses not to give me the real deal till he left the party. Now he has sell that and I’m screwed… I have a 15 min video on. The whole transaction

How can I send u the video for re iew as evidence

Can I ask you this. Did you rate him or not?
I hope you say no

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i think you should report him! and if you can, take the picture of the conversation

Note: DO NOT perform “Complete Transaction” before receiving the item. By completing the transaction you are accepting the item and finalizing the transaction. Once a transaction has been finalized and completed, there are absolutely no returns or refunds.

If you did not receive the item or received the wrong item, you can immediately hold the transaction and open a dispute.

DO NOT rate the Seller if you have received an item that is not working or as as described. By submitting a rating for the Seller, you are accepting the item and finalizing the transaction.

By completing the transaction, you are accepting the item and finalizing the transaction.

If you have not rated them and think they wont give you the item open a dispute on them.

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Follow Lucy’s instructions.

Send a PM to @DunnBiscuit so he can look into this for you. You will need to give him you invite code and all evidence.

Like Lucy already mentioned though you can only dispute if you didn’t accept and rate the transaction. If you did, you’re out of luck.

For future reference there’s a button on the rocket league trade screen where you can look at the item they’ve selected to trade and make sure the colours and certs are what you. On Xbox it’s either clicking RS or LS.

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You may also, submit a ticket to the support team, send all your evidence there:

Thank you.

Sorry but why did you accept the trade in the first place if it wasn’t the correct color?

Omg, I did… Why?? Is it bad me done that?

Cause I do business on GF regularly and to save time I do things same exact way each time. Meaning, as soon as I see the item traded notification on my side of the transaction I hit the sent item box and the buyer will do his part and accept… therefore when it’s vice-versa, I see the "received item notification on my screen then immediately receive a notification asking to accept and rate. I do what I’m required to do and done… everything is all Gucci. In this case the damn gray color corner on the item received notice seems very similar to the titanium white corner… in addition my monitor is a 32inch display, I use glasses and usually sit 5 to 6 ft away from it, etc… Anyhow, I trust people cause I have no bad intensions with anyone and that’s my curse…

Never rate a Seller into you get the item that was described.

•Gift cards is better to redeem immediately
Then rate only if the code works

• In game itens is better to rate once they give you the item you bought. Its up to the buyer to make sure its the right item
After double checking item the right item then rate seller

• Gig Service
only rate after they completed the service

Being a moderator said this.

You can try this. Remember to always double check items being its up to you to make sure things go well. Gameflip will only step in as a last defense.

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You have proof. They will help You

Yes I do. I have the video I recorded from the transaction. I just don’t know how to send it or attach it to this msgs