This is my first post


I thought it about time that I introduced myself to the forums. My name is Blood Vipre… well thats what I`m called in the marketplace. Its also my Elite Dangerous commander name. I come from Wales, which is a country in the UK.

I sell mainly Microsoft products with some success. They are mainly OEM. I do sell games as well, but the market is very fierce and finding competitve wholesale is very difficult.

I have over 20 years experience in computers, having my own computer repair business which earns me a living.

With regards to my keys, I have a very good way of proving they work, which is why I have a 100 percent record of feedback so far.

I do not sell, MAK, MSDN or TECHNET keys as these get blocked or are blocked already. Im very fair though, as I buy 100s of keys at a time some do slip through the net and may not work, but I always check them myself and if they are indeed not working I will either give a refund or provide a working key.

So far I have only had to do this twice… to the same customer, who always comes back and buys from me.

I sell text codes, but I also sell scanned keys of stickers etc. These I can provide as a jpg file. They are better than text codes because all the information on sticker pertains to the code itself. All my codes are checked with the latest PID checker which enables to be truthfull about the description of the key.

I hope I get to know some of you better.


Welcome @Blood_Vipre to gameflip. :kissing_heart:

If you have any issues or problems or question dont be afraid to ask. We don’t bite. We’re a big family who try helping each other and trying are best to make everyone happy

Lucy :heart:


Welcome in community . Skin House csgo featured store .


Thank you for the warm welcome. I hope I can be a trustworthy seller and make everyone happy.

I have been declined to sell on Kinguin, they kept me hanging on for weeks and weeks asking me to verify that my keys are legit… So I`ve asked them to close my account… I have a feeling that they were selling the keys I uploaded and then telling me that they were blocked.

They have cost me over £400 and their customer service is terrible for sellers. Seems they have their favorites too.


oh! That is horrible!

Can you tell me what kind of codes you were selling?



Sorry, been working hard and missed this post.

As part of their requirements to sell Microsoft products on their site, they asked me to upload scanned labels of the Windows 10 Pro OEM keys I source. I did so, and they kept me hanging for a long time until they verified everyone of them… After a while they told me that most of them were blocked… I checked them all again, and they were all fine.

So they asked me to upload another load of scanned labels to replace the ones I had already uploaded. I thought this was suspicious…


Can you post your profile link/URL here? I’d like to check out your store (can’t search your profile name easily).


This one you mean…

I don`t have one on Kinguin…

I do on GAMIVO though…