Transferwise withdrawal

Anyone know how long transferwise withdrawals take?

If your a new seller or first time withdrawing could be 3-5 business days

You have successfully withdrawn using transferwise?

How long did it take for you to get the payment

I have not used the new transfer but I’ve used PayPal and Payoneer and skrill and all work similar

First time is 3-5 business’s days to verify the seller obtained the money Legitimately and etc

Im a seasoned seller. Im just interested in knowing how long transferwise takes. Normally there is a forum post when they add a new payment method

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Actually it doesn’t take that long because you don’t need to sign up for a transferwise account, just give your bank details when they send an email and they’ll pay out to them directly. Shouldn’t take more than 2 days.

Hello GiftCardMaster,

When your money becomes available, it should take 1-5 days, taking note of these:

  • New seller: 3-5 Days.
  • Good seller: 1-3 Days.
    (From others, I think it should be 2 days transfer).

If the money has not reached your TransferWise account or bank account, I suggest contacting the appropriate people. I hope this has helped. - If needed, contact Gameflip Support about further enquiries about your transfer.

Thanks, Aeralo. :comet:

Can you transfer the money from Transferwise directly into a bank account?

Hello @Lusiv,

If you’re sending money from your account to another balance with bank details , it is free. If you’re sending money from your account to a bank account outside of TransferWise , they charge a fixed fee. They will also charge a conversion fee if you send money to a different currency.