Trying to scam me!

So this guy asked me to make a logo. So he said please can you join these pics together so I did and then he changed his mind he didn’t want it anymore and i said sorry I can’t refund you as I’ve already made it so he is threatening me that he’s gonna report me to gameflip. I have all the proof here.

his Gamelfip name is called ‘Mesh’. My code is EY35GT. He’s basically trying to scam and wants the pic for free by saying he doesn’t want it so he gets a refund.


@Tali @DunnBiscuit

You really tried, worked, and he decided to cheat. I do not like such people. This is unfair. Time is money, as Adam Smith said.

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Thanks and I really don’t know what to do

Hey Luke, that sucks bro sorry for that, those people will get what they have coming to them. FYI, I’m still interested in getting a logo from you, I’ll be in contact on tg. Have been too busy with uni at the moment. Good luck.

He’s opened a disputed on me and that’s great to hear!

Hello! I’ll evaluate your case asap.

Thank you.

That’s not really nice.
Its like if i am a passenger on a plane , and just 20 minutes before landing i tell the stewardess that i’m not happy with the flight , so if they can turn around and fly back to the airport of departure and to refund me my money back , that sounds really ludicrous.

However @Luke_Collins it would be best when the next time you advertise your services to lay down some guidelines and safe business practices , so people with deceitful intentions be wary :smiley:

Omg??? How was the buyer been able to cancel the order I’ve now lost money and he just got a free logo!!!emphasized text

Maybe it is a solved dispute?

What is the situation with this scam?