Typographical error buy buyer not responding

@Sparkling_Juice @DarkKnight @moderators . I made some typographical errors in a code I sent to a buyer and instantly sent him the correct codes in the trade messaging box and also in the contact messaging too he neither checked any he only disputed after about 12 hours I still did balance check again sent him codes everywhere again he’s not checking messaging I don’t know what to do and dispute is on already please any idea what I can do?

If buyer doesn’t reply or read, there’s nothing you can do honestly.

You can check messaging to see if buyer has read it or not every few hours or longer because sometimes people read and not reply. Also can check whether code has been redeemed/balance check every few hours or longer just incase.

The buyer has to escalate Dispute if he doesn’t want it to automatically be completed so he will be on the transaction page again. If buyer doesn’t want to read what you wrote and escalate it, you just have to provide the evidence and information to Gameflip on the Dispute.

Make sure to reply/message the seller once a day so it shows your doing your part. (No need to message multiple times a day)

He just replied. And apologized…thanks

@Sparkling_Juice now I need help he only responded and apologized for his delay that day and confirmed card and said he’d complete trade by the end of that day but he has not been responding since then and dispute is still on. It’s almost the 4th day and he has not responded again or canceled dispute

You can send a message kindly asking the buyer to cancel dispute and complete transaction. If no reply, then you just have to wait out the dispute timer. Since buyer already confirmed code works, no reason to lose the dispute.

Yeah thank you I won dispute

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