Unable to leave review

Hi - I was unable to leave a buyer a review and I’d like to leave a positive review. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks.

Are you using the website, the Android app, or the iOS app?

On the website, after you complete the transaction you’ll see the option to rate the seller.
Click on your purchase at https://gameflip.com/purchases

hi - the website and I was never given the option to review him.

somthing wrong with gameflip in the last 2 hours i bought about x3 orders and sold about x2 orders, the sellers cant rate the buyers, only the buyers who can rate, its a glitch i think and it should be fixed asap

Please tell which client you are using: website, Android, or iOS?

If you are a seller, you can still rate the buyer after a transaction is complete, by using the website https://gameflip.com/listings/sold

using android and website, and the problem still standing just bought an item 2 mins ago i was able to rate the seller and seller wasnt able to rate me but the whole trans completed and the seller got his money but the rate is missing and there no option to him to rate me .

Please refer to Rating and Transaction Completion Changes

There are changes taking place and they’ll soon be rolled out to our apps.

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