Unaccepted sell

Hello there, i sold an item but seems he’s doesn’t know how to accept. Can you check the order please? There are order id: “aaeb0d8c-9d92-4017-ad18-c3ba06365d19” And that’s my profile code: " CRWSM8"


You mean complete the transaction on Gameflip right?

Gameflip cannot help you complete the transaction. Will have to wait for the timer to finish for the transaction to auto complete if buyer does not do anything.

The screenshots you provided will help only if the buyer decides to open dispute.

You can refer to this article below vvv

@Sparkling_Juice Okay Oh i got it now Thanks alot, and i just wondered, Does the mods check tickets on the weekends?

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I am not sure about that but you can check the status of your ticket and the last activity date to see whether your ticket has been seen.

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In where can i check the status? btw i sent 1 more e-mail and can you check about is mail received?

If you sent the email through e.g. Outlook or Gmail, you cannot check the status.

If you went onto Gameflips support website and contacted them through that then you can look at the status then. Remember to be logged in when you do it.

Hmm, i think i sent in gmail. I have been waiting for 6 days. seems i need to wait more.

Go into the support link , https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

After you sign in, click on your profile picture on the top right and click activities.

I assume you mean replying to this since you mentioned ticket. VVVV below example.

If you reply to this email, you will see your reply inside the ticket if you check under the support site. It will be received.

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