Under review AGAIN

My user code is 4MQ97H. Last time I bought something I was under review. It got cleared. Purchase went through: buying again and here I am again. Under review. I have a clear account and not 1 negative review. Can anyone please help me to clear this up ASAP. Thank you.

Just verify your payment method and it won’t be under review. They want to make sure your payment shows no signs of fraud and that you own the card you used, especially for larger payments.

Well I did that the first time. Was cleared. Received my purchase.Doing it now again with exact same card. Will I have to do it a third time…Even tho I’ve been buying items off this site for years.

Larger purchases…it was $20.

Anyhow, it cleared yet again. Guess this can be deleted

Not sure, I haven’t had to keep verifying my payment after depositing money into the account several times. If anything, you could verify your payment method at https://gameflip.com/wallet/verify. Usually the under review thing doesn’t take more than a day to go through. The only type of verification I had to go was a verification check from my card provider and everything goes through smoothly. It might be better if you add funds and then complete transaction and not add funds during the checkout process.

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