Under review again!

Hello @DarkKnight

I keep getting reviewed for every purchase i make, and I made a large amount recently. Its slowing me down significantly and theres two more purchases i want to make but I can’t because a purchase has been under review for 8 hours. I verified my id and card but not my phone because i don’t have access to the phone bill.
Is there anyway you can help me. My ID is- 178NA1

Hello @GL0BFI5H!

I can see that your account is fully verified on our system, but seems like your bank detected declined charges on purchase(s) made with the card you are using.

When an order is declined by the bank, the chances of going through review on Gameflip increase.

In these cases, we recommend our users to verify this problem with the card issuer and see what can be done.

You can also try to remove the card that is currently being used and register a new one to see if this resolves your problem. Make sure to verify the next card too to guarantee that your account will remain fully verified to reduce the chances of going through review.

Godspeed! :trident: