Under review and there’s nothing I can do

I bought a code for an in game item for fortnite and my payment was put under review and I am required to send documents. I don’t pay my phone bill so I couldn’t send that so I sent a screenshot explaining I’m under 18 and don’t pay my bill, that got rejected. I could only send a picture of my school i.d but that also got rejected. The credit card got accepted but the others did not. My money is basically gone and they haven’t given me any options other than send those documents. If something is under verification for too long will I eventually get refunded? This is really frustrating I just want my product or my money back.

Hello bro, if you got a big brother or something it would be great, tell him to verify your id card or, you can simply add funds with PayPal it’s kinda easier than Credit cards and ID card.

I don’t have anyone like that. Will I get my money back eventually?

if you cancel your purchase of course you will get your money back.

Well of course but there is no option for me to cancel the order bro

If you use the phone app, you can go in and cancel it through there. Also, even though you don’t pay the phone bill, its just you showing the number on your phone and the address tying it together. This should be enough to verify for that portion. Otherwise, you will need someone who is older than 18 to confirm their identity on this site in order for you to continue to purchase items.

you can talk to the support too if you need to cancel it

I have tried but they aren’t responding

They will respond soon just wait for it!