Unfair rating given.

Buyer asks me in my listing if it was the rare version of the weapon, i clearly stated that it wasn’t but he still proceeds to buy it for some reason. after i deliver it to him, he says he “does not like it” and demanded a refund. i have it noted on my profile description that i don’t do refunds. I don’t think he took this well and to my surprise, he gives me a poor rating that states: “Very upset to find out that this was a world drop and payed 60$ for and asked for refund and wasnt given one very upset” the audacity? I CLEARLY TOLD HIM THAT IT WASN’T THE VERSION HE WAS LOOKING FOR.

i will not clean up after his mistake. please, can something be done by this? maybe remove it?

this person also likes to make fun and try to demoralise my listings by saying things like “it’s not worth it” or “i’ve seen this go lower.” is there any way the mods can give him a penalty/suspension or even a ban? this kid needs to learn. i have pictures to support my claim.

here’s the order ID: c0498a9c-43bf-4416-8232-892181db849b
my profile code: TFBPWF

Hello @Virgeux,

Please use the following topic as a guideline to your rating verification request ok:

God Speed! :trident: