User failing to work with me

i sell gta 5 cash, and i typically finish my orders unless the buyer needs a break, in which we finish the next day, i run a heist for the buyer repeatedly until they get their desired amount of cash, the buyer bought 15 million gta 5 dollars, so that means i have to run it for him 10 times, ive ran the heist for the buyer 7 times in then which he said he wanted to take a break, which is fine and i understand, were all human and we need breaks sometimes, i messaged him the next day asking when would be a good time for him, he failed to respond, and thats okay, i understand he could’ve been busy with some personal stuff, so i asked him the next day if he could find a time that works for him to give him the rest of his order, he responded to me saying he could do it in the middle of the night, and i was asleep so i couldn’t do the order then, i apologized and told him that we could do it whenever he was ready, and he has been giving me excuses for not being able to do it, saying that he hasn’t been home, and when he got home i asked if he could find a time that worked for him, and he told me his arm was broken, and that he could get his brother to help him, so i agreed and i waited for him to give me the word to invite him, and nothing, he can currently cancel the order and get his money for free, but he hasn’t yet, ive waited over 2 weeks for him to be able to finish his order, and im just unsure of what to do. im very patient but i think its getting a bit out of hand. ive delivered well over half his order, 7 runs, and i need to give him 3 more, but he keeps ignoring me and giving me excuses. any idea of what to do? thanks so much for reading this, my profile code is MRF15F if that helps at all

You can contact support to ask for advise for your particular case.

As long you have evidence of you doing the 7 runs for him, you can contact support if cancelled.

Since it is like that, there is nothing much you can do.
For now, you could contact support to show evidence and explain your situation followed by asking for advise for your case.