Verification is too invasive

Encryption or No Decryption, IMHO it doesn’t matter. You’ve already seen Facebook was hacked, Newegg, etc.

I verified with my phone bill but I think it’s unfair and too invasive to also require ID verification when we already did the phone bill.

Actually I submitted the ID one too, but I intentionally left out part of the ID number because I do not want anyone having that information. It still shows my address and all that information.

I submitted a ticket about this. My code is BQPGBF

I think they will reject that. ID document must be clear, and you should not hide any piece of info. Don’t worry they won’t share you informations with anyone. There was a large amount of kids (scammers) and in order to stop the invasion Gameflip added ID verification as required.

Hello there!
We won’t always ask for full verification, only in specific cases flagged by our system.
I have actually replied to your ticket this morning, so you have nothing to worry about!

I think the extra verification is actually nice. In fact, I think there should be even MORE verification so we can stop duplicated scam accounts by the same users who keep getting banned and making a new account somehow with new phone numbers.

If every account needed an ID and you could not have duplicate accounts (maybe only in some special cases) then the scam rate would almost go to 0.

ID verification is necessary, especially if someone creates an account with inconsistent (or fake) info. For example (purely hypothetical), if you sign up with a German mobile phone number but then make purchase with your billing address is in the US :slight_smile: You then need to show that you’re an American (temporarily) living in Germany, right? Otherwise, the system would think you’re trying to commit a fraud.

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