Very Unfair Bad Rating

So a person decides to purchase an in game item and we meetup. Out of nowhere he says im “over pricing” and claims that i should be giving double than what we agreed on. I then explain how im one of the cheapest sellers and we go on to the transaction. I drop the amount we agreed on and he accepted the item. When it gave the option to rate him i instinctively gave him good rating and when on with my night. Minuets later i find out he gives me a bad rating with him saying “very bad”. This REALLY frustrates me because i asked him why he did this and he responded with “U overpriced if u give me 200 more ill edit the rating”. Someone PLEASE justify this problem. I can provide the messages between us after the transaction.

Invite code:CTJCQP

Leave your invite code so a moderator can find you. You can also try messaging Dunnbiscuit so he can remove that for you. Make sure you include screenshots of the conversation and your invite code in the PM.

U overpriced if u give me 200 more ill edit the rating

It’s not possible for a user to “edit the rating” after doing the rating. That person was trying to scam you out for “200 more”. If that user had already clicked Buy and during the delivery tells you to give more than what was described then that’s

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thank you for the tip

still no response… cmon guys

Its going to take a 1-3 days more than likely.

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He also bought off of me again but this time he rated me good and said “the rating was by mistake”. Would this be enough evidence to get his other rating removed off of me?

Yes, probably.


I was able to remove the rating, thanks!

thank you!