Wallet reload on hold yet again

I’ve had 3 times in 3 days my wallet reload or purchase has been on hold. I’ve verified my identity with the Photo ID, I’ve emailed support and gave the last 4 digits on the purchase via my bank statement. What else can I do to stop this from happening?? I missed out on a purchase of something I’d been looking for because I had to be “verified” yet again. I currently have 30 dollars taken from
My bank account but unavailable to me because it’s “pending”
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Did you verify your payment method? You can verify your payment method in addition to identity verification. I think the identity verification is solely for sellers from what I understand. Verify your credit card or what other payment method you use and it should let you reload wallet without problems. The site wants to prevent fraud so it’s being heavy on verification.

It doesn’t give me that option. It only gives me the verify identity. I did email them and verify my card by giving them the code that was sent to my bank statement when the rep asked and they said it was all good. That was this morning. Then sure enough, an hour ago. It happens again

Was your card information ever saved on the site?

No, would that help? I don’t like leaving my card info every time. I just reload my wallet with Apple Pay

If you inputted your card info on the site, then it would let you verify it just like how you did with identity. But you mention that you use Apple Pay…in that case I don’t know. It makes sense why it won’t show on the verifying info page; I think it only works for credit/debit cards when it comes to verifying ownership.

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

I’ll give it a try. I just hate leaving my card info on sites like this. Where anyone who is made a moderator can see people’s profiles. It’s not like it’s target or a secured bank website you know? Nothing against this site at all. I love it. I’m just skeptical

Just wait for a moderator response on this matter. If you don’t want to leave your card info and can wait, I think you should wait for an official response. Or you could contact support regarding verifying Apple Pay or something.

Also, I would imagine that sensitive info such as card info is encrypted and secured on the site.

Hello Todd_G,

I can see this issue has already been answered via ticket, so I’m closing this topic.

Since you already have your ID document marked as verified, this will reduce the chances of your next purchases to stop under review.