we need new limits for lisiting

  • it’s have been 1-2 years since the limits were added but they haven’t been updated even though in this time more than 500-2000 games did release and we have to add them, and we had to delete old games to add those and many of people who buy from us keep asking us to list some more old games but we can’t because our store is already att 5000 max

i hope that Gameflip can take into consideration to raise the listing limits and add new levels like for people with 10k+ sales to allow us to list more than 5000 listing as i do sell xbox games and we don’t even list the same game 2 times but im att 4900+ listings because i keep deleting some games to make more room as i had to delete over 500+ games because there is always 50-100 new games releasing every month just for xbox and we have to list them, but we don’t have anymore room, also i do wanna expand my shop with steam and gift card but i can’t due to the limits as this is holding us back a lot if it’s possible for gameflip to add new tire for like seller with 10k+ sale and allow us to list 10k listing as i believe it’s not just us but many shops are limited from expanding just due to this limits.

  • we need a new limit to let’s us provide people with more games to buy as this is slowing us and making us delete more games every month just to make more space to new games

They need to lower limit not raise it.
Your suggestion is only opening further opportunities for more people to hardcore spam and there’s already no rules towards this so it would just be chaos.

In fact they should change all in game items limit to be 500-1000 per day and leave gift card/code/ game type listings at 5k
I don’t know any video game that has 5000 consumable/droppable items but we still list 5000 a day cause gameflip allows if

So if a game has only 50 different items and were allowed to post 5000 listings everything in that category will be over spammed like it is now and any new seller will never stand a chance to sell something.


If they can separate limits for actual games/ codes from in game items then I don’t see a problem with your request

But if they give high limits to people selling in game items as well it will not end well and it will only add to the current problems of same items and quantities being overspammed daily.

Just my opinion on the matter, that’s all


from the platform this day i see 2 shops on the xbox section that spam crazy there listing 24/7 same item with some bot, and i do understand what u mean but i can list up to 10k+ games with 0 duplicate as i can get like 90% of the xbox games, i think they even add like request to rise the limit and they can review shop if they spam same games or they have different ones and allow the one who don’t spam same stuff and keep a watch on them if they break it, because for me i was att 5k games like 1 year go and with in this year i had to delete 500+ games to make room to new games as they release few days

Understand you too and hope they help you but only in digital game code section, in the in game dropable item section everything is already out of control with spam. People with 50 limit are spamming and deleting before 24 hours-and getting away with it lol They should really just make it similar to other sites where you post one item and set the quantity and your done. No need to spam and rebump and etc

But that will never happen here