We need new Listing Limits

  • as gameflip did set limits for listing few years back and set the max att 5k, now that limit is blocking my store and i can say man sellers as we have old listing that can sell and we have like new games being listed ever few days as we run over 1k sales a month and even some old games we wanna list as people ask for them and we have over 4940 items listed now and im close to the limit and we did start deleting stuff now to make room which we don’t have to do as Gameflip did set those limits to stop spamming and that is good but we need new update like make it at 10k for sellers with 5k+ sales.

  • i hope the support can fix this as by 2022 we well be running us in big problems and limiting us more and more as we would love if the support can take action and help fix this and gave us more room as we need 1000-2000 spaces to list old games for people that they want but we can’t due to this limitation

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Over spam is already an issue that doesn’t get addressed, defiantly don’t need more listing limit….

not for small seller but like now the max is if u get over 2k sales then u get 5k listing as they can add new tire for 5k+ sales 10k listing as u might not need more listing but for us who list all new games coming out for xbox we have this problem

I have max limit 5k same as you. I don’t have this issue but my variety of items I sell is not huge so I can’t relate. Best of luck to you, maybe they will do something to help you with this

My only concern is api users will abuse this

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Do you have over 5k+ unique items to sell? Perhaps link to your store?

As a buyer, I typically see the same items from the same seller, so it feels like spam. I would prefer seeing a variety of items on sale and don’t mind a few duplicates here and then but not pages of the same thing.

yeh as we don’t have duplicates as only on new games we list 2x so if 1 sold then the other is up but after 1-2 weeks we change it to 1x item, as we are an xbox only store and most our keys are region locked if u are interested i can get u link