Raise maximum posting limiy

Hey admin team, is there any chance you guys could suggest raising the max posts to 10,000? Maybe only for sellers with :man_shrugging: 7k+ rates? I’ve done the math and at the speed we’re forced to post trying to keep up with discord bots…9500 would be the perfect number for 7 day listing to fall off before we hit the max


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I know you have a lot to deal with but when it takes 11 days and still nothing said, you need to employ more moderators or something.

This isn’t something a mod can handle. I know they’re busy, in no hurry

How can you manage 10k listings that are unsold? If the listings remain unsold for a while, perhaps they shouldn’t be there (no demand or priced too high). It would make sense take down the listings that don’t sell to make room for those would, then you don’t need that high of a limit.

yeh with the numbers they have they can gave that to people with, 4-5k sales as people with that much well mostly be running a big shop, as we have new games coming like 200-400 a month and we can’t delete old stuff as we still make sales of them, so this can help.

@TheFuBar handling that amount of listings isn’t the issue. My problem is, on the fortnite market there’s an overabundance of kids spamming nonstop 24/7. They’re using discord bots to post, when they hit their limit they just tell the bot “purge all” which deletes all their posts so they can continue to spam. A higher posting limit would allow me to keep up with them, but also not break rules to bump my listings

If spamming is the problem, then Gameflip needs to address it instead of just bumping the limit so that everyone can spam :slight_smile: (I’m not saying you are doing it, but some other sellers would)

@TheFuBar they’ve already tried, failed, and gave up on limiting spam

Hello @Dylan_Hoofer ,

Sorry for the wait and thanks for the feedback.

I will inform the team regarding this ok.

Also, we have never given up on the Spam Issue. We are always looking for better options to address the issue. So stay tuned to future updates :wink:

God Speed! :trident: