When can this dispute end?

I provided the other party with a solid CDK, and the buyer argued that there was a problem with the CDK.
I left many conversations to settle this dispute, but he is ignoring it.
I think this is often the case with his RATING.
Is there anything I should do in this case?
Or can I just wait until the other person proves my CDK is weird?
I can’t trust the buyer.
This code was certainly unused.
How long will the dispute last if the other party doesn’t have a reply?

Order ID : 6137a5e9-dd35-4a9d-b5f0-5ceddbf7a305

Just a note:

And one more note: Never show the code to everyone here, man.

We are still waiting for the buyer to sell some information so we can finish investigating this issue.

Also, do not offer such things as acccessing accounts via team viewer, this is a warning and if I see anything like that again, your account might get permanently suspended.

Contact me in a couple of days if you don’t see any change regarding this transaction’s status.


ok, I will not use the team viewer.

Thank you for telling me this.

Thank you, I corrected my writing.

I’ll be careful not to expose the code.

It was something I didn’t know.

Thank you.

I will not use Teamviewer.