When will flp be valuable again?

I have alot of money in flp but i don’t wanna spend it now because it used to worth alot in dollars but now 1 dollar worth 28.8 flp which is pretty high for me and i was hoping for any changes but nothing has changed in the last 3 months

You can follow our Telegram channel for more information about FLP and the project.

You can check every progress update there as well.

The group name is FLIP (FLP) Community.

Check our latest progress report below for reference:

Thank you.

There probably won’t be any major movement until the market is finished with its correction or if there is upcoming news of some sorts regarding FLP. So I would keep an eye on those things.

“untill the market finishes” what market and when will it finish? because idk so much about that stuff

The cryptocurrency market, bitcoin, it has been on a massive correction, meaning the value has been decreasing tremendously this entire year but I believe it will change again like it has last year and the previous. I would suggest you read a little bit about what FLP actually is so you can better understand the answer to your question. Let me know if you have more questions as well.

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